Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Quit

Today is 1995 all over again. It's Leon Hess hiring Rich Kotite. It's desperate. It's clueless.

It's Brett Favre, without the Hall of Fame pedigree. It's about sizzle and money.

It's certainly not about football. The Jets traded for a passer who cannot throw. They invited a distraction of mega-church proportions. A quarterback controversy tailor-made for our self-doubting #6. A huge mess in the messiest of locker rooms.

Tell me this isn't about selling PSLs and jerseys. How will Tony Sparano resurrect the dead and dying wildcat offense? How long before poor play pressures the team to bench Sanchez? How will the team win games with a quarterback completing under six passes a game?

Tebow is a winner. He's a born leader, tough as nails and he can run. He can look as awful as any quarterback to play the game for 55 minutes and something always seems to happen to eek out miracle wins. But while prayer and miracles are great for the soul and TV ratings, they are not recipes for long-term success in the NFL. The Broncos knew this. They couldn't wait for an excuse to send him packing. No team in the league but the Jets thought he was worth more than a 5th round pick. Even if they did, they knew enough to avoid him and the circus he causes.

The Jets share a stadium with a classy organization that seems to make all the right moves. They are once again the idiot step-brother begging for attention they don't deserve. The Giants won a Super Bowl, and the Jets signed a dick-pic texting stallion that broke down and should have been euthanized like an extra from HBO's "Luck." They won again and the Jets now sign the Second Coming of Rick Mirer.

Tebow Help Us if the Giants win another ring this year. The Jets will probably hire Gregg Williams.

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