Friday, July 25, 2008

And you thought your commute sucked...

By TPerl

I needed to spend the day in the Boston office on Wednesday. So I flew out Wednesday morning from Newark to Logan. Then it rained. And here's the chronology of my trip home:

5:10PM: leaves office
5:12PM: stands in the rain looking for a cab
5:28PM: finally gets a cab
5:50PM: arrives at Logan, checks in for 4:30PM flight which is scheduled to depart at 7:49PM
6:15PM: Wendy's for dinner
7:05PM: Miller Lite at the bar - the Red Sox game goes into extra innings (how appropriate)
8PM: our plane arrives at the gate, but we cannot board for an hour due to weather in Newark
8:10PM: Coffee Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts
9:15PM: we board
9:30PM: we're told that we cannot leave the gate due to bad weather in Newark. Next update to come in a half hour
10PM: still not allowed to leave. Next update in 45 minutes
10:50PM: still not allowed to leave. Next update in an hour. People are allowed to leave the plane to cancel or reboard later. I stay on the plane. First flight tomorrow morning is already cancelled.
11:52PM: those who left the plane (and didn't leave the airport) begin to re-board the plane
12:09AM: plane finally leaves the gate
12:20AM: takeoff!!!
1:32AM: land in Newark
2:02AM: get in my car
2:25AM: home in bed

Thursday, July 03, 2008


I love this country. Mostly because I understand what patriotism is and hope what's good about this country can cure what's bad about it.

But this excellent list of crap is ridiculous -- sickly sweet treats for people who feast on a steady diet of jingoistic bullshit. Happy Fourth of July.